Once a shoe discovered merely on Native Americans, Moccasins have accomplished a spot as a permanent fixture in global fashion. Its contemporary manifestation is especially admired among men since it’s both stylish and comfortable. A great deal of men finds them perfect not just for driving, but relaxed enough to put on inside the home or out with buddies.

Men’s driving moccasins, also known as driving shoes, are a contemporary edition of the conventional moccasin style. These kinds of shoes are generally made of spongy leather with rubber flaps on the sole. Driving moccasins are the ideal footwear for long drives due to their comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re a 1st time purchaser or a proud holder of a couple of pairs, there are a few things you must keep in mind while buying a pair of driving mocs. Let’s discuss about these essential things:

Typical materials employed for men’s driving mocs:

Since men buy driving shoes primarily for comfort, it’s essential to take into account the material or fabric of the shoes while buying a pair. However, some commonly used materials for driving shoes for men are Suede, Cowhide leather, Sheepskin, deerskin, Moose hide and synthetic leather.

You must take into account your comfort while purchasing a pair of driving mocs. Since the fabrics or materials differ in terms of price and design, one must also take into account his style inclination and budget as well.

Designs in men’s driving moccasins:

There’s a broad spectrum of designs when it is about buying men’s driving shoes. Those who wish to keep it easy yet stylish can go for plain driving mocs that are available in a variety of colors. Others who wish a more elegant look can look for designs with lace-ups, stitching details, buckles, tassels and fringes.

Men's Driving Shoes

Kinds of soles available for men’s driving shoes:

You can find men’s driving moccasins avail with a range of sole styles relying on the maker. However, they can be classified into 2 common groups: separated pad and rubber dotted. Regardless of the dissimilarity in sole design, both kinds provide great grip. However, for those who think to put on driving shoes outside of the vehicle, buying a pair with detached pad soles is the superior choice.

Driving Shoes For Men

How to put on men’s driving mocs:

One great thing about men’s driving moccasins is that they can be paired effortlessly with a range of attire. These kinds of shoes can be paired with chinos, jeans and shorts. Pair them with some slacks for semi-formal events, and ensure to go with elegant colors such as brown and black.  You can also opt for simple yet graceful designs, for example, buckles and lace-ups.

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