Women are generally conscious about their look and beauty for which they are always aware about what to wear and avoid. However every woman should always keep in mind that comfort is an important while making a style statement. It is widely seen most women drivers are aware about lot of other things while driving but one thing they often forget is the footwear. Comfortable driving shoes play a big part in driving safely compared to your preferred choice of footwear.

Driving Shoe

Wearing suitable driving shoes will
              •    Ease your pressure on the pedals

              •    Offer ability to judge braking and acceleration

According to a survey, it is found that 27 percent of women had encountered difficulties while driving because of the shoes they were wearing. In some cases it has been found that footwear had led to driving dangerously, losing control or facing an accident.

Driving Shoe

Which footwear should be avoided by women while driving?
High Heels and Platforms:
High heels are definitely bad idea while driving because both pedals are used with driver’s heel resting on the floor, which is essential for achieving a correct pedal action. Wearing high-heeled shoes causes a problem as the heel is always elevated; this affects operating pedals as well as impacts driver’s ability to measure the pressure to be applied. High heels are considered to be the worst shoes to drive in. Platform shoes having thick soles are more troublesome while driving and managing brakes, which posses dangers associated with reaction times.

Sandals or Flip Flops:
Studies have revealed that flip flops or sandals are responsible for maximum misses or accidents each year as well as had lead to slow braking. This makes flip flops as the worst footwear choice for driving as it can come off too easily or get jammed under the pedal, which distracts the driver.

A big no for barefoot driving:
Avoiding high heels and flip flops does not mean to opt for barefoot driving.  Remember driving barefoot or wearing only socks will not allow a good grip of the pedal because socks reduce traction on the pedal whereas feet become slippery due to perspiration. In other words it can be said that driving barefoot increases the likelihood of getting injured.

Wear Perfect Driving Shoes:
Driving shoes have a medium-thickness sole and are soft as well as flexible, which helps in having a suitable grip to avoid slipping on the pedal. By wearing lightweight driving shoes, you will get easy movement like ankle and pedal movement. These days driving shoes for women are available in trendy colors and designs that will help in maintaining an impressive style while enjoying comfortable drive.

Driving shoe

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